Report: WWE Evaluating Tiers For WWE Network



The WWE Network might be undergoing some drastic changes according to a report from PWInsider. Due to their recent deal with Fox, WWE are looking to add a tiered plan to their streaming service that would offer additional content. Vince McMahon is reportedly overseeing the project, and it’s expected to happen in 2019.

WWE has toyed with the idea in the past, and even thought about doing a free tier back in 2016 that would have allowed users to stream five hours of archived content and watch a 24/7 live stream with commercials. Other tiers included a cheaper $4.99 offering (that had limited pay-per-views), the regular $9.99 one that fans are accustomed to, and a premium $14.99 service with additional perks.

The company already owns the rights to the video library of several prominent independent promotions (notably PROGRESS and Insane Championship Wrestling), and could add a ton of extra content by broadcasting house shows. Either way, nothing is set in stone, and it will remain to be seen what WWE will offer if they introduce a premium tier.

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